Christian Singles

If You are Single again, and would like to find another great Christian Single

You can Chat or Post here!

Christian Dating is quickly growing in the USA. Christians are understanding the importance

of finding another Christian.

If you want a place where you can do online dating, and experience dating for free, My Jesus Network is the place!

Other great sites that cost money, are Sites such as Christian Mingle and Christian Cafe.

Free Online dating is nice to have in a current recession. Alot of Singles are struggling financially.

Christian Romance and Christian Values can prove to be very important in a relationship.

Issues regarding sex, religion, and children are included.

If you are a Single Christian and would like to find someone, please join us.

And please bring other singles! This is a fun site for Christian Singles.

God Bless!



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Christian Radio

Christian Radio is a great way to Worship Jesus Christ today!

There are many Growing Christian Radio Stations and great new Christian Songs.

K-Love and Air 1 Radio are two great Christian stations that are growing fast.

Christian Beliefs are growing throughout the USA once again thanks to Christian Radio.

Family Radio stations all have something in common, “Love”.

Knowing our Almighty God is important, so we may share his word across the world.

Bible Scriptures and Christian Poems are often shared through Christian Music.

Christianity today is catching up to the technologies that our world uses to connect with children and families.

Christian ministry is also important and is a growing support for Children’s faith in God.

The Jesus Movement is ever Graceful, as his Mercy is unmatchable.

A daily bible verse and bible study is also being provided through several Christian Radio stations and websites.

A New Christian Website called My Jesus Network, will be providing these things to Christians.

Jesus’ pictures are shared here, bible study tools, and church bulletins.

Keep the faith and continue biblical research in order to grow in Christ.

Know Jesus and the words he spoke, so that you may walk in his footsteps.

Having a strong Christian faith is important to live a fulfilling life.

He is the Truth, the Light, the only God.

Give him praise, and he will answer your prayers. Amen.

Find your own Christian Radio Stations locally and attempt to listen to only these stations.

God Bless!


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My Jesus Network – Share Jesus With Others

My Jesus Network is a Community where all Christians are Welcome.

Create a Profile, Meet Christians, Watch Videos, Post Prayers, and Much More!

Churches will be Welcome to create a Group page, where they can accept Donations and

Invite local Christians to attend their Church.

MJN is a new organization and accepts all ideas and Donations, since we are in need.

Share Jesus Here, and Spread the news of a new place for all Christians to meet.

God Bless! 

My Jesus Network

My Jesus Network – Share Jesus

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Jesus is the son of God,

Sent to earth in the form of man, “In God’s Image”.

He came to take away the Sin of the World.

He came to earth, for us to follow. To bring us home.

He said:  “Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

We are taught to tell others about him. To spread the Word of God.

He is the Messiah. The Chosen One. That’s my King!

Jesus Christ is the Light, the Way, Hope for Humanity.

Share Jesus at

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